Sollivar 'Silver Tongue'

Tiefling Bard and part time savior


Little is known about the childhood of this mysterious and sharp tongued fiendling. He seems to have appeared on the musical and poetic scene some 20 years ago in the service of a minor noble in the east country, composing elegies and hero-tales for the Baron and his family.

Having work across much of the Sword Coast in recent years, he was last seen in Candlekeep, researching the meters and rhythms of old. A great believer in the power of words, he has devoted much of his life to bringing his own to life.

Never far from his infernal nature, Solliver can be seen in fiery debate or passionate recitation when he’s not collecting folk stores or composing.

Despite his combustible wit, Sollivar is very much a man of the people with a soft heart. He has never amassed any fortune despite his renown as a result of his many projects and causes.

Sollivar 'Silver Tongue'

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