Princes of Apocalypse

Session 2 - Tomb of the Moving Stones
Please don't TPK us? :'(

The adventure begins with Eevie stuck between two cages that came down from the ceiling above. Unfortunately she did not see these cage traps fall as she was exploring in the pitch black darkness of these ancient Dwarfern tunnels.

Upon hearing this half-wit's voice in the distance the adventurers sprung into attack and defensive positions. As the surprise wore off from the trap cages, it was found that the hostile was not present on the other side of the door.

It was only during numerous party discussions that the enemy was able to gather its forces in secret in attempt to trap these invaders. Once the enemy got into positions, they were able to spring more cage traps in an attempt to aid in the parties capture. This lead to tough times and a long battle for survival began.

For little did they know that a powerful, battle ready mage was preparing for a ritual to some unseen force. The mysterious robed figure stepped forward, and to the parties surprise, were met to a thunderous CRACK. This rattled the cages and left an ear shattering whine. As the party scrambled to regain their faculties, Guinevere Lancelot unfortunately fell as more cage traps were let loose. Drvar was able to help his comrades as much as he could by holding up some of these heavy cells.

Then, a glimmer of hope sprung from the shadows as a robed figure with a well-made bow stepped forward and one-shoted a villain. At this same time, Mr. Sliver Tongue charmed another foe and thereby deemed him Chuck. This is where the fortunes changed as the tide of evil was now thwarted by a resurgence force of good.

Little did the battle-mage know that his most powerful weapon, the TUNDER-CRACK, would prove to be their undoing as the last boom shattered the iron cages. This after his failed attempted ritual sacrifice of Miss. Lancelot due to a precisely aimed magic missile (CURSE THAT MAGE!!!)

In the end he tried to run, but an arrow stopped his escape as he fell to the ground…dead…but, gained a new friend…Chuck. This new found friend divulged that there was a secret society in Red Larch called "The Believers". This internal political group ran red larch from behind the scenes. They would met about once a ten day to discuss what the stones are telling them. These stones were found to be levitating rocks in a room yet to be explored.

Eventually the party was found by the local constable Harbrook. Him and his associates were trying to find out what was causing the above ground to shake (mages Shatter spells). They came to find that Red Larch had internal issues that they were not aware of. This led to the arrest of many of the towns elders and Chuck. Chuck was at this point not a friend anymore. The party also found an 11-year old boy called Whallen. Unfortunately, his father was part of "The Believers". Harbrook reassured that the boy would be taken care of, especially with the generous support of the party.

A New Day…

With Red Larch turned a gossip now with the uncovering of "The Believers", the adventurers now have received their recent intel from their respective factions. Apparently there is an important, well guarded, delegation traveling from Miriabar unroute through this region. It is now know that they have gone missing. These following known facts were gained:

1. Old Dwarfern texts were found in Red Larch at the local pawn shop. These were bought from a shady keelboat merchant in the village of Womford.

2. Delegation was seen traveling from Westbridge to Beliard about 2 ten days ago. Then they were rumored to head south to Summit Hall. They never showed.

3. Rock cairn, unmarked graves were found in a field by a local shepherd. This is strange because they appeared over night.

4. A merchant was heading north into the Sumber Hills, apparently heading to a gathering of druids. Some place called Scarlet Moon Hall. His goods were all marked with a shape of a bowl shaped brazier. (Confirmed to be Fire Cult by Mr. Silver Tongue).

After a few days in Red Larch of rest and relaxation (mostly a dancing red-headed dwarf), the party decided to look into some local troubles before proceeding out to one of their new leads. First they discovered a blackskull arrowed to a tree. The mage and Teifling examined this skull. After a few moments they were both got very clammy and in a trance. They eventually snapped out of their trance. Each looking like they ahd seen a ghost???

After this they ventured to Lance Rock to check on this disfiguring plague that the proprietor at the Swinging Sword told them about. They found multiple warnings not to enter. They entered anyway only to find undead foes. These were defeated eventually with polearm pokes/arrows/and 3 burning hand spells. They came to find out that these undead have this sort of resilience in them that they just do not want to leave this plane of existence. Some kind of Undead Fortitude…

At the end, the adventurers found undead dressed in jester, bear, and dress costumes. These things were dancing to ballad music being played off in the distance. As the mage walked forward, he did not see another foe in the distance. This dark figure unleashed magic from a wand with a blue jagged gem, this magic hitting the mage in the chest as his body slammed against the cave wall. Head cracked open as the impact was rough, blood trickling down his face…

To be continued…


Session 1 - The Adventure Begins!
How to stop worrying and learn to love the sass

Our story begins in the Year 1492 by the common reckoning on the north-western reaches of Faerun.

The summer had brought with it higher temperatures than normal, and even the coastal cities and towns have suffered as a result. 

We find our heroes heading north from Waterdeep on the Long Road, a caravan route for years beyond memory.  Their origin remains a story for another time, but this is known of them.  For their varied skills, races and histories, they stood united in purpose when set to a task, and it has become well known that the Long Road is no longer safe for those travelling it along.  Caravans have seen hostilities rising and farmsteads have fallen to raiders from the hills.

After days of following the well worn tradeway, they met with a group of acolytes – young holy men bound for the small town of Red Larch.  A bristling band, they employed several guards for protection, though they had seen little action. Introductions and invitations were offered and a campfire was shared. 

The night was lively with music and dance, with dwarf and tiefling alike keeping the spirits bright amid the encroaching darkness.  Stories were told by the dying embers, but the guards had little to share but rumors of a tribe of barbarians who had recently been razing farms and killing innocents.

As watches were set, little did they know, the deep night hid creatures of ancient evil and magic.

After an ambush which left one acolyte dead and others shaken, the winged creatures whose very skin seemed to move like living stone fell to dust.  All that remained was shards of some strange crystal, which was retained for further study.

The rest of the trip to Red Larch passed without incident, though the Bard composed an epic song to commemorate their struggles.  Full of eloquent verse, he playfully implied that the Paladin, a woman whose wit was nearly as quick as her pole-ax, slept through the encounter.

Red Larch

In the town of Red Larch, the group investigated several locations.

The Swinging Sword
This lively inn and tavern owned by one Kaelissa was settled as a temporary base of operations after the Bard secured a nightly contract for entertainment.  The 3 storey structure with a stately slate roof seemed like a regular haunt for locals.

Kaelissa spoke of a persistent fog in the Sombre Hills, a possible area for later investigation.

The Helm of the High Son 
This tavern proved to be more of a working persons refuge, and was visited later in the second day to rendezvous with a worker from Wulevar’s Wagon Works.

Wulevars Wagon Works 
This busy but poorly kept operation was suspicious to the heroes, as many workers were intoxicated in the early morning, and the owner seemed outright dismissive of offers of help, despite his obvious need.

After a lively performance at the Swinging Sword, our heroes met with a worker from the Wagon Works, who lead them to a secret entrance beneath the shop.

Ancient Dwafern Tunnels

After waiting for the Red Larch folk to fall into a deep slumber, the party eventually found a hidden entrance to caves underneath Wulevars Wagon Works through an old cellar door. Through the cellar door, in the pitch black the party ventured forth into the unknown. After about 100 ft. of travel they came into this huge dome shaped cavern where they found a couple black cloaks and a pile of unlit torches.

Only other path was through a slideable 10ft wide slab of stone that slid very easily on the rough, uneven cavern floor. When the stone slab was slid to the side, about 60 ft. down the corridor they found two Dwafern statues each with a dark passage behind them. One went into a dead end and the other continued on with a sharp turn that was not explored. These caves were of anicent Dwarfern construction.

The rouge decided to continue on through another stone slab in front of them. She was about halfway down the hallway as the party was discussing where they should venture next as they did not notice her make her way, silently down the dark corridor. When all of a sudden they here this rough voice, "You NO make sign! Now you DIE!"

With this said, a latch was heard, and a big metal cage fell on the rouge, but she was able to get out of the way, trapped on the side of the cage where the voice from the dark came. While the rest of her adventures comrades could only look in surprise!

To be continued…


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